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Horticulture can be tricky but find a good company that knows what they are doing, and you will be fine. OG Gardens Inc. is exactly what you need to maintain an organic, well-kept, productive garden for today and forever.

Responsible and Reliable

First things first, you must make sure that the garden and lawn maintenance company you are hiring is game enough to take responsibility for what they do, and confident enough to prove they are a genuine service provider. At OG Gardens Inc., we have both.

Top-notch Service

Our clients mean everything to us so we ensure all our jobs are completed to the highest standards and appreciate the time you spend reaching out to us. We are there for you, every step of the way.


Landscaping does not need to be expensive. We are here to work with you and any budget you have set to ensure your yard does not turn into a jungle!

Excellent Customer Support

Our garden and lawn maintenance service are not just about planting trees and trimming them - we offer a variety of comprehensive services along with uninterrupted client support. Bring any of your suggestions and requests - we will always prioritize them in a timely manner.

Top-class Staff

At OG Gardens Inc. we only employ professionals with experience and vibrant personalities. Landscaping is not just about lawn mowing and hedge trimming - our talented staff will show you that it is also an art that needs to be performed in a classic, and unique way.

Quality of Service

Nothing we do will be worth it unless you love it! We will always make sure things are completed to the standard and expectations you have set. High-quality equipment, methodology, diligent employees and quick responsiveness are the secrets of being an awesome landscaper. OG Gardens have all these and more!

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VANCOUVER LANDSCAPING PROFESSIONALSOG Gardens provides landscaping in North Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland. From install to maintenance, let us transform your property!

Our Gardeners

When it comes to gardening and lawn maintenance, you will need a team of gardeners who will know exactly how your garden needs to be treated. Stacking up plants and random objects in not the way to do it!

Our landscape and lawn maintenance professionals will push the right technical buttons and use the best organic methods to illuminate your yard with natural beauty allowing it to thrive. Selecting the right plant for the right area of your yard is the first step in allowing plants and lawns to co-exist without heavy feeding and insect controls.

Eco-friendly Horticulture

In today’s world we all need to do our part to genuinely create sustainable, eco-friendly, nonpolluting spaces for our families and the people that surround us. All to often our landscapes fall victim to ego and force of habit, trying to create that “Perfect lawn” accentuated by stones and ornamentals.  Gardens that are not biodiverse and welcoming to the birds and bees also fall short as healthy or sustainable places for humans. With some thought and creativity we can do better. With the help of OG Gardens Inc. we can get you on the right path to an amazing, eco-friendly yard that benefits us and the fauna that surrounds it.

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We provide landscaping services, including landscape construction, landscape maintenance, and landscape lighting in Vancouver.


WHY OG GARDENS?With over a decade of landscaping experience, no job is too big or too small for the experts at OG Gardens!

Towards a Better Life

Based on a fundamental love affair with horticulture, a wide range of professional services is covered in-house ensuring the provision of consistently good service, in a one-stop-shop for clients.

Our lawn and garden maintenance programs are your keys to leading a better life. We have amazing plans that will turn your living space into a natural paradise allowing you to free up your time and be with your family.  If you own a commercial building, home, or business we at OG Gardens Inc. can create a custom-tailored program to ensure your property always looks amazing! 

We Seek To

We take our environment seriously. Working so close to nature we are only too aware of the need to use organic materials wherever possible, recycling all green waste, and generally adopting a sympathetic attitude to all related environmental concerns. For every chemical fertilizer and pesticide available, we aim to use an organic equivalent. Every plant we place in the ground for you is a debit to your carbon footprint.


We give you the best options to elevate your gardens

Organic alternatives to protect your family

A top notch team with only the best tools

We turn any neglected garden to paradise

We offer a swift, consistent and committed service

We are affordable and easy to work with


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If You Need Some Landscaping Advice

We will advise you whenever you need, whenever you want.

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GET A FREE QUOTEWant to know all about our pricing schemes and services? You can call us up on the hotline for a free quote - and estimate what you will have to spend. OG Gardens Inc. is fully committed to making your gardening experience the best you have had so far, and the best you are ever going to have. The packages we have are flexible - and would lithely adjust to fit your requirements.

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