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OG Gardens Inc. is the best way to polish up the look of your garden and preserve its natural beauty. There are several ways in which we do this, each section of the amazing organic maintenance solutions we offer will be reflective of untainted excellence. Our lawn and garden maintenance services promote natural growth allowing your space to flourish as it would in nature. Be the proud owner of a paradisiacal garden - and make every minute you roam in it; a moment well spent.


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As a reputed landscaping service provider in Vancouver, OG has created and retained a position of distinguishable excellence among other garden and lawn maintenance service providers. The best and the biggest difference is in our list of services, that covers not only the traditional horticultural goals, but also introduces an array of home services that will make it easy to manage anything in your yard.


OG Gardens Inc. gives you the luxury of getting a range of different outdoor services for a price that is light on your pocket. Speaking of convenience, what you will receive from our lawn and garden maintenance services will be collectively connected; so that all your outdoor maintenance requirements will be met in one go.

SERVICES OFFEREDOur affordable services include, but are not limited to:

Softscape Installs

Softscape consists of the animate (living), horticultural elements of your landscape design. your plants, soils, and grass are the most important and fragile parts of your garden so it's essential to find a landscaper who understands and installs with care. OG Gardens Inc. specializes in this so you can be sure your growing green companions are in good hands.

Lawn & Garden Maintenance Programs

As seasons pass its crucial to provide your lawn and gardens with the essential care and nutrients to help them thrive. Our lawn and garden maintenance professionals take up a full complement of programs for your property to make sure you receive full coverage for your lawn and garden requirements. We offer full season packages, one-time visits, and property care while you’re away on vacation.

Hedge & Tree Trimming

Hedges and trees grow and consume space in your gardens blocking pathways and getting on your house. Trimming and reducing them seasonally is important to make sure they look amazing and don't infringe on your space. OG Gardens Inc. will solve this by gifting you a perfectly trimmed hedge, and corrective pruning on your trees to ensure they look great and fit the space.

Lawn Install & Repairs

Typically taking up the majority of your property, lawns can be a curse and a blessing. Starting with your soil to the green grass, we ensure your new and existing lawns will thrive for years to come. We provide lawn removal and install services as well as organic solutions to manage weeds, moss, weak growing lawns and damage caused by insects and animals.

Veggie Gardens (planting, maintaining and harvesting)

There is absolutely nothing like plucking delicious fruit and fat vegetables straight from your garden. Our garden maintenance crew will grow nice veggie gardens for you, and will maintain and harvest on time.

Seasonal Garden Cleanups

Moss, weed, debris and thatch will conceal the natural beauty and the functionality of your garden, which is why OG Gardens Inc. thinks it to be appropriate to reward it with seasonal cleanups.

Seasonal Planter Displays

Each season has its own vibe to it. Say it is December and you need your garden to look all Christmassy? With all the right seasonal plants, vines and pruning methods; OG Gardens Inc can add lasting colour to your garden for very affordable rates.

Pressure Washing, Gutter Cleaning

A breathtaking view is not enough to make your garden perfect. That is why OG Gardens Inc. helps you in pressure washing and gutter cleaning, which are the two main essentials to a clean siding and a roof.

Landscape Sprinkler Maintenance

You absolutely love sprinkles until they start to malfunction. Our garden and lawn maintenance agency is the ideal fixer of any malfunctioning sprinkler system. We are capable of maintaining landscape sprinklers that spray an uninterrupted, misty drizzle of water to your lawn, plants and flowers.

Christmas Lights (Install, removal and storage)

When Christmas is just around the corner, you will not have time to do every little job lying around the house. Our garden and lawn maintenance crew will go the extra mile and make your garden a pleasant place with glowing, vibrant christmas lights. For all your christmas light removal and storing requirements, contact OG Gardens Inc. again without hesitation.


OG Gardens Landscaping is renowned for high quality workmanship and eco friendly methods.

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OG Gardens Inc. is all about making your garden or lawn a better place. If you love having a garden so perfect that will make neighbours envious, OG Gardens is your chance. We create a garden that will soothe the nature and that will evoke pleasure in the core of your hectic life – do call us today!

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