Based on a fundamental love affair with horticulture, a wide range of professional services is covered in-house ensuring the provision of consistent good service, in a one stop-shop for clients.

We take our environment seriously. Working so close to nature we are only too aware of the need to use organic materials wherever possible, recycling all green waste, and generally adopting a sympathetic attitude to all related environmental concerns. For every chemical fertilizer and pesticide available, we aim to use an organic equivalent. Every plant we place in the ground for you is a debit to your carbon footprint.

O.G. Gardens is owned and operated by Tom Bennett who quotes and completes all work done in the business. Tom has 13+ years experience in the horticulture industry with various certifications. This company was built with the pure intention of providing amazing work and an affordable price with the knowledge and background in horticulture to make sure your lawns and gardens look the best they can, all the time.